TG Pro 2.21 – Điều khiển tốc độ quạt, giám sát nhiệt độ và tìm lỗi cảm biến cho mac


TG Pro will give you a look at what’s going on inside your Mac. No other app shows more temperature sensors or has as many options for notifications and fan speeds. Find out which components are getting hot (and potentially overheating), turn up the fan speeds to cool down your Mac, get notifications for temperature alerts along with many other fantastic features. Plus, see if any sensors or fans are defective with the built-in hardware diagnostics. See why thousands of people trust TG Pro as the go-to app for temperatures and fan control. Try the free trial today.

TG Pro supports all Macs, including all MacBook Pros (including 2015 models), iMacs, Mac Minis, MacBook Airs, and Mac Pros (including newer 2013 model).


What's new

Version 2.21:

  • [Fixed] Issue where the temperatures in the log file could be shifted by one column.
  • [Fixed] Issue where the diagnostics in the log file would show “Only available in paid version” for the first few rows.
  • [Fixed] Issue where specific Auto Boost rules wouldn’t work the first time TG Pro was launched (and would require changing the fan mode from Auto Boost -> Manual -> Auto Boost to fix it).
  • [Fixed] Issue where the shutdown reason would be blank if the system returned an unknown code.
  • [Fixed] Issue where the fan information would be swapped between the left and right fans on certain Mac models.
  • [Fixed] Issue where the bad fan help button was showing when it shouldn’t have been.
  • [Improvement] If the system returns “Good” for the battery health but there are errors to report, the color of the battery diagnostics will now be yellow.
  • [Improvement] The notifications for battery health are now better looking and easier to read.
  • [New] Added preference to disable update checking.







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