[Torrent] Ultimate General: Civil War Full Activated

Ultimate General: Civil War | 1.06 GB

Ultimate General: Civil War is a tactical war game. Experience the historical period bloodiest of the United States: Civil War 1861-1865.


Campaign Complete: Fight in the American Civil War and participates in more than 50 battles, from small-scale skirmishes to massive battles that can last several days and spread over hundreds of square meters of land. The campaign is entirely dependent on the player’s actions and the results of battle. The historical battles can also be played separately.

The game includes the following battles of the campaign:

Aquia Creek Battle
Battle of Philippi
First Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Gaines’ Mill
Battle of Malvern Hill
Second Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Stones River
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Chickamauga
Battle of Cold Harbor
Battle of Richmond
Battle of Washington
+48 smaller-scale battles

Army management: You’re the general. You have complete control over the composition of the army. Depending on your successes and reputation, you could have access to more troops, divisions and brigades. Keep your soldiers alive and learn to fight better, from novice to seasoned veterans. If you lose a lot of your soldiers, you might not have enough reinforcements to reach the victory, Your reputation will suffer, army morale will fall and have to resign.

Innovative system orders: You want to decide what level of control. It gives orders to each unit individually or give them a prime target by clicking a button and see if they can take the hill. Commanders of army divisions can make decisions for themselves and help you control the largest armies. Draw a line of defense and the troops assigned to defend it to the death. Or design a wraparound attack simply by drawing an arrow and send the whole army to the enemy flank or rear. Your general try your bidding, but “no plan survives contact with the enemy”.

Progression Officer: unit commanders historical progress and better fighters are made with the player. Officers are classified according to the performance of their units, but is war, and can be injured or can kill in combat. The new ranges offer new possibilities and allow officers to lead larger units without loss of efficiency. Winning battles also opens up new possibilities for you like increasing recognition abilities or political influence.

historical weapons: There are a multitude of weapons from the Civil War, from Einfield rifles, mass produced, even the rare Whitworths. It has also implemented the historical availability. Some weapons can only be captured raiding supplies or taking them off the enemy on the battlefield.

Enhanced Control unit: Separate the harassers to send them to investigate the hills ahead. Or join several brigades on a larger division if necessary. Disassembles the cavalry so that the enemy does not see you as much, or mounted to load flank tactics and assaults supplies. Supplies are extremely important; you have to plan and defend the provisions or the battle will end soon for you.

Advanced AI: You will face a strong enemy. AI will attack from the flank, will go to for your weaknesses and high ground undefended, will chase and cut off your supply lines, and try to destroy artillery batteries unprotected. The IA will use the land and cover and remove if overtaken.

Land matters: Trenches, rows, walls, houses, fields: everything can help you achieve victory, if you know use it. The hills will help you see before your enemies. Rivers and bridges can be natural obstacles to help you defend. Forests can help conceal your movements and attack from the flank enemies.

beautiful maps: We believe that modern technology allows overcoming war games intense brown hexagons on green. War games can be pretty intense. In our game, all terrain historic battle has been hand drawn with precision, using satellite data and historical maps. The topography has a crucial strategic role and helps to understand how battles were fought and learn history.








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